Server Update 3.13.5 - Server is marked as offline.

  • Hi there,

    you have a TeamSpeak server and have updated it and now all server lists show your server as offline?

    In this post I will show you how to fix this easily.

    First of all: You need access to the query_ip_whitelist.txt to continue.

    Otherwise contact your provider.


    STEP 1

    Collect all IP addresses from the server lists of their scanners. (Scan servers)

    These can usually be found under the "FAQ" section.

    For simplification, I have written the usual providers here in a list: (Last update: 05/2021)

    • (Last update: 05/2021)

    • (Last update: 05/2021)

    • (Last update: 05/2021)

    • (Last update: 05/2021)


    If you have any additions, feel free to write them in the comments. I will add it afterwards.


    STEP 2

    1. Log into your TeamSpeak server and search for the following file:

    2. Add the required Ip addresses to the list.
      Usually the following IP's are inside:
      • ::1
    3. Save and exit.

    Your done.


    TS3Index TeamSpeak Viewer Error

    If you are using TS3Index and have whitelisted the Ip addresses, the viewer should usually work again. If not I will show you how to get it working again.

    Error code:

    The server is offline or unreachable.

    (Connection closed by foreign host, certainly banned.)


    How you're going against it:

    Step 1.

    Log in to your server:

    Please make sure you have already claimed your server. You can find out how to do that here: FAQ - [TeamSpeak 3 Serverlist]

    Step 2.

    1. Go to "Server settings"
    2. Make sure that the RAW protocol is selected.
    3. Disable access via server query.
    4. Save

    Now you are done and your servers should be covered by all server lists again.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or visit us on our TeamSpeak server!

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