Teamspeak 5 Beta!

  • The time has come!

    In the past few weeks Teamspeak posted 12 individual pictures on their Twitter Account over a course of 24 days. Putting all the pictures together showed something most of us have been waiting for. The new Teamspeak 5 Client!
    Something most users probably missed were the small letters in the bottom left corner of each picture. Combining all the letter gives you a weird string. And it is not as you might think a beta code for Teamspeak 5. No. Rather you can use them to get to a hidden page on the Teamspeak domain!

    Giveaway for Teamspeak 5 beta keys

    On the hidden page you can enter their giveaway of beta keys. In total there will be 100 winners. Each winner will get 3 beta keys. If you want to join the giveaway you should hurry! Because it is only open till the 15th of March. The link to the giveaway.

    Tell us what you think about Teamspeak 5! Do you like it? If not, why? Leave some suggestions what you want to see in the new Teamspeak Version!


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